VOS - Volker Orluk Servicedienste

Test station

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) are universal storage and transportation canisters for a variety of products. IBC have to be cleaned and tested for impermeability on a regular basis. The test station is used to check the IBC for leaks and air tightness.

The containers are moved on a roller conveyor into the correct position exactly under the testing device. A pneumatic cylinder pushes a plate with a rubber gasket onto the top opening of the IBC, completely sealing the aperture. The air pressure inside the container is increased to a preset value. When the filling process is finished, the pressure drop over a certain period of time is recorded. This is an indication of the condition and tightness of the container.

The unit is equipped with a Siemens Control, which monitors and governs the entire testing procedure. Red and green lights indicate the result of the test (pass / fail).